The Truth About Store Bought Soap

The Truth About Store Bought Soap

The truth about store bought soap


When you buy soap, it is probable that you will buy soap from a store. When you buy soap from a store, you are likely to buy a branded soap. This is natural since the top brands spend millions of dollars on advertisements. These well-made advertisements would convince customers that buying a branded soap from a store is good for them. What is the truth then? Is a store bought soap good or should you opt for a handmade soap?


How good is a store bought soap?


A store bought soap that is branded is a commercial soap. This is manufactured in a factory in bulk. The manufacturing process makes use of chemicals as additives, fragrances, or to add color to the soap. These chemicals can be problematic for people with sensitive skin. A more serious concern is the use of detergents to make soaps. Detergents are meant for clothes and not human skin. Instead of cleansing and nourishing the skin, it can harm the skin.


A more serious problem is about a store bought soap that is projected as a natural soap but is not. Soaps that claim to be natural use many artificial ingredients. It must be noted that the FDA does not regulate the use of the word ‘natural’. As a result, manufacturers use the word natural but do not bother to ensure that the soap they make is really natural. Foaming agents, hardeners, and artificial fragrances are added to make the “natural” soap look and smell attractive.


Many store-bought soaps, whether made by top brands or local brands use chemicals. This is a matter of concern. These kinds of soaps are not good for the skin. There are even handmade soaps that include artificial fragrances and colorants. This is why it is important to know the ingredients of soap before buying it. You also need to know whether the cold process is used or any other process has been used. Getting to know all the information about the soap is important before you go ahead and buy it.


Using a handmade soap


A handmade soap that is made by a trusted company that makes natural products is always better than a store bought soap. Buying a handmade soap assures you that the ingredients used are natural. It also tells you that each soap has been crafted with personal care. This makes such a soap more reliable. Handmade soaps that are natural offer numerous benefits for your skin. This makes it advisable to opt for handmade soap.


It is not much difficult to answer the question of whether store bought soap is good. Store bought soap contains chemicals and other ingredients harmful to the body. This is why it is always better to buy a handcrafted soap. An organic soap would give you many benefits and is also all natural. If you are looking for the best soap, you can consider Suds. The company offers a wide range of soaps that are natural and helpful for your skin health.