Hand Sanitizer or Bar Soap? Which is Best?

Hand Sanitizer or Bar Soap? Which is Best?

Would it be sufficient to gather and tie up your kitchen trash and stack it there? Would you not want to take the trash out? This is how hand sanitizers and bar soaps work. A sanitizer will only kill the virus and germs on your hand. It cannot clean your hands like soap and water can. 

Sure, hand sanitizer is handier and can be used as a substitute for soap when you cannot access a sink. But it cannot clean visible grease or grime from your hands. Some users report a film formed on their hands after usage. The choice is easy, only round up the germs or wash them away. 

Antibacterial soap would seem like the best of both worlds. It could combine the best parts of a sanitizer and of a soap. But according to CDC there is no added advantage of an antibacterial soap over a regular soap. Hand sanitizers cannot clean your hands off any harmful chemicals as was shown in a study. But soap and water can flush it clean from your hands. The usual conditions where a hand sanitizer can work better than soap and water is in a light working environment like a lab. Since no grease or grime is likely to be touched. But in normal working environments it is better to use bar soap and water for efficient hand washing. 


Why soap

The mechanical process of scrubbing your hands produces lather while you use a bar soap. This reaches every nook and corner of your hands to produce better results. Both organic and commercially bought soap can be used while using your hands. Though handcrafted soap is proven to be better for your hands.

Absorbing alcohol that is contained in a hand sanitizer over a long period of time can be toxic to your body. A Japanese study showed that alcohol should be in contact with your skin for about 4 minutes to kill some viruses. But bar soap can produce the same result in 30 seconds. If you do not want to wash your hands for 4 minutes, your choice is pretty clear.

The participants in a study consistently washed their hands for 5 seconds more when they used bar soap instead of sanitizers. Soaps have molecules that gather around a virus or bacteria and nudge it away from the surface of your skin. It is more effective than sanitizers that aim to kill since some viruses cannot be killed by them. Even the CDC recommends that we use hand sanitizers only when soap and water are not available. 


Why natural soap?

Commercially produced bar soaps use synthetic hardeners lathering agents and chemical detergents. Not to mention the artificial flavoring and fragrance. Natural handmade soap is gentle on your hand and will have the exact ingredients as you want it to have. It is a total win-all situation.  


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