Can Germs Live on a Bar of Soap? | Busting Soap Myths

Can Germs Live on a Bar of Soap? | Busting Soap Myths

Can germs live on bar soap? Busting soap myths.

Hand hygiene has become very important to avoid spreading deadly infections like COVID-19. Bar soap is quite popular among millennials to wash hands. However, it is often believed that it is contaminated with germs. Most of the bar soaps are made up of harmful chemicals that are very fatal for our skin. They are nothing short of synthetic detergents. They don’t just contain soap, but more than that. You can find multiple artificial components such as chemical colorants, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and many more artificial components. On the other hand, natural soaps are made up of vegetable oils and natural ingredients that don’t cause any harm to your skin. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to give your skin a natural glow without causing any harm.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many experts have suggested using natural soap to keep yourself away from the harmful effects of the virus and chemicals. It is as effective as your antibacterial soap to fight germs in a realistic and effective manner without causing any side effects. On top of that, it is the safest thing to use to save our planet. Suds is the best handmade soap that you can use to keep your skin healthy and vibrant round the clock.

Why pick natural soap, Suds?

It contains a natural moisturizer

It is moisturizing because it contain glycerin. Glycerin is one of the best skin moisturizers that soften the skin to a great extent. Whereas, commercial soaps lack natural glycerin because they are processed in nature.

It is made up of natural ingredients

Unlike artificial soaps, organic soap Suds is made up of natural ingredients. It contains butter, olive oil, coconut oil, tallow, and many more that are highly nourishing and beneficial for your skin. They don’t cause any harm to the skin.

It is good for our planet

Unlike commercial soaps, it is recyclable, and they don’t cause any harmful impact to our planet.

Busting soap myths

There are many myths attached to bar soaps. Some of them are:

Bar soaps transmit infections

Bar soaps don’t transmit infections even under extreme use.

Bar soap is harsh

Well, it’s also not true. It really depends on the kind of ingredients used in a bar soap. When it comes to a bar of natural soap, it is very skin-friendly because it contains natural ingredients.

Natural bar soap doesn’t lather in a good manner

Natural bar soaps lather but not like artificial soaps. Due to natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc, they produce low lather. However, they offer a fine balance and ample amount of benefits to the skin without causing any harm.

Bar soaps dry out the skin

When it comes to natural bar soaps they contain natural glycerin that help you to retain moisture and natural glow on your skin for a longer period, unlike artificial soaps. Thus, natural soaps don’t dry out your skin.


Due to the multiple benefits and natural ingredients, handcrafted soap will never cause any harm to your skin. Thus, it’s highly recommended to use Suds, a 100% natural soap for your skin.