Bar Soap or Body Wash? Which is Better?

Bar Soap or Body Wash? Which is Better?



Bar soap has been traditionally used for skin cleansing. Body washes have been steadily gaining in popularity. This creates confusion over which product is better for our body. Bar soap or body wash? We would say bar soap. And if it is a natural soap then it is hundred per cent better than body wash. We give you some reasons why bar soap is better for your body and the environment.


  1. Natural ingredients.


Unlike commercial soaps, natural soaps like Suds contain organic ingredients. Commercial soaps contain detergent-based products. The foams in commercial soaps are created by surfactants which is a petroleum by-product. This product causes dryness and affects the natural oil balance in your body. This is one of the arguments held out against soaps. Body washes also contain these chemicals which produce foam.

Natural handcrafted soaps do not have this problem. The natural ingredients in these soaps are beneficial for your skin. They cleanse and moisturize your skin gently. These soaps are made using cold process which gives complete control over the ingredients used in the soap. 


2. They do not contain preservatives.


Body washes contain preservatives which helps them last longer. Natural bar soaps do not contain harmful preservatives. Preservatives are harmful to marine life. 


3. Lasts longer.


Bar soaps get a chance to dry between uses and hence they last longer. The soaps will last above a month. There is no wastage due to accidental spilling and dropping.

Body washes do not last much. Also, there are more chances of wastage due to accidental dropping. It is difficult to estimate the exact quantity required for body cleaning. Children may find it difficult to use body wash and end up wasting the product. 


4. Environment friendly.


The organic ingredients in natural soaps do not affect marine life. While using bar soaps you do not have to worry about leftover bottles. Natural soaps like Suds contain plant oils which are environment friendly.

Body washes contain harmful chemicals which have a negative impact on marine life. They pollute the seas and water bodies. Body washes also leave behind empty bottles. 


5. It is economical.


Bar soaps last longer and hence they are economical. You do not have to spend on replenishing them now and then. You also get full value for your money since bar soaps contain very little water in them.

Body washes contain water. You are paying extra for the water and the expensive packaging. 


6. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Handmade soaps are made of natural oils and plant-based ingredients. They are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. You can choose the soap depending on the ingredients suitable for your skin. 

Body washes are not suitable for people with certain skin types and allergies since they contain chemicals. 


7. Easy to store and use.


Bar soaps require less space. They are easy to use. No struggling with bottles in the shower. Body wash bottles use more space. Natural soaps like Suds can also double up as perfect gifts.