Shea Butter Benefits - It's Great for Skin!

Shea Butter Benefits - It's Great for Skin!

Shea Butter Benefits - It's Great for Skin!

The Most Luxurious Soaps For All Skin Types

We are constantly facing environmental aggressors every day. The likes of pollution, sunlight, radiation and smoking damage our skin’ shield and accelerates cellular degradation. Extreme hot and cold weather, temperature controlled environment at homes and offices, are some reasons that purposefully deplete humidity from the skin. 

But did you know the use of normal soap is one of the biggest reason that strips the skin of moisture and hydration? A normal soap does not hydrate or moisturize, on the contrary it extracts the moisture from the skin. It leaves the outer skin i.e. the epidermis unable to retain and absorb moisture from the environment. 


Benefits of Shea Butter Soap

Shea butter soaps are well known for its moisturizing properties. It does not clog the pores unlike others, a leading cause for infections and acne. Shea soap provides protection from UV rays. It does not cause any side effects like rashes making it suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin. It is clinically known to fade scarring and resisting skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

The soaps are enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E, which act as an antioxidant helping in cellular regeneration. These soaps do not leave any oily residue on the skin and add to protective layer on the skin with every use. The naturally derived Shea butter soap soothes burns and is known for age-defying properties like resisting wrinkles. The soaps are well suited for home spa as they exude intense scents, incredible lather and provide exhilarating freshness. 


Nature’s Best, Natural Soaps

Good-quality handcrafted soaps are cold processed. This makes sure that the benefit of each ingredient is not lost in the processing. The essential quality of a creamy feel, natural fragrance and sensory experience is preserved and undiminished in the making. The artistic use of plant-derived butters, virgin grade essential oils and natural herbs are what makes a handcrafted soap so much more incredible. These soaps are processed over weeks so that its qualities intensify over time and provide a luxurious experience day after day. In other words, they do not contain any artificial ingredient. The modern alternate commercial processing methods like hot processing though quite cheaper do not produce the intense qualities of moisturization needed for sensitive skins. 

A natural soap richly hydrates the skin relentlessly so that the skin can retain moisture and hydration round the clock. Not only is a good handmade soap free from the chemicals, but it comes with a guarantee of organic composition for a healthy skin. The range of natural soaps from Suds come with the essential vitamins that keep a body hydrated, nourished and protected for long. The proprietary techniques, the traditional soap making and all natural ingredients are some reasons why you should try soaps from the house of Suds. So, go get that soft and lustrous skin and make it a habit to buy only handmade soaps from today. This one habit will change how your skin radiates over time.